Turan Sert

Turan Sert has been active in finance and technology for over two decades. His previous business experience includes, financial audit (Arthur Andersen), investment banking (Garanti Bank), management consulting (Booz Allen), investment management (Fiba Holding), and operations (Ozyegin University) as well as entrepreneurship in a technology startup. He has been focusing on Web3 s over the last five years, and published two books called “Sorularla Blockchain - Questions on Blockchain” (in Turkish) in 2019 and “Sorularla DeFi Merkeziyetsiz Finans - Questions on DeFi Decentralized Finance” in 2022. He currently acts as an advisor to BlockchainIST Center and Paribu. He also lectures a class on Decentralized Finance at Bahcesehir University Financial Technologies masters program. Mr. Sert holds an BA degree in management from Bogazici University and an MBA from Harvard Business School.



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