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The Energy Crisis: Can Mining Help?

Current energy sources pose several challenges, including grid instability, energy transmission and storage, and harmful byproducts. So what could be our solutions?

March 10, 2023

With bitcoin and crypto's rise in popularity and value, there have been discussions about the industry's energy use, impact on the environment and sustainability measures. Energy infrastructure investments are essential as the world moves to reduce its carbon footprint.

On this episode of “Money Reimagined,” Michael Casey and Sheila Warren will be exploring the cryptocurrency footprint on energy consumption with guests Margot Paez,  Ph.D. candidate and Fellow at the Bitcoin Policy Institute, and Will Foxley, director of content at Compass Mining and co-host of CoinDesk’s “The Hash” on both CoinDesk TV and the CoinDesk Podcast Network.

It is a big week for energy in Houston, Texas, where Sheila and Margot are reporting … CERAWeek!  It is the “largest gathering of high-profile oil executives and energy ministers” in the world. CEOs and Ministers from nearly 90 countries attend the yearly conference in Houston. A record 8,000 are here, including John Kerry; John Podesta; U.S. Senators Murkowski, Manchin and Sullivan; and CEOs from BP, Shell, Chevron, Amazon Web Services and Palantir.

It’s also the week of the Empower conference, which is the only bitcoin mining event with a focus on energy.

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