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The massive web of regulations that entangle the legacy financial sector have been, in the recent past, a guidepost for governors to apply to the crypto industry. But the argument for many in the crypto community is that those same rules aren’t really applicable to crypto and decentralized finance (DeFi), especially without considerable changes.

As the industry matures and seeks more clarity concerning governance and regulation, larger questions arise for the future of crypto commerce. How do we appropriately assess risk in new systems? Should regulators impose stricter constraints on crypto’s centralized finance sector?

Who has regulatory authority over which assets and why?

Today on “Money Reimagined,” host Sheila Warren  examines alternative frameworks for regulation and world banking with Jai Massari, co-founder and chief legal officer of Lightspark; and Alexandra Barrage, partner at Davis Wright Tremaine, who also previously worked at the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp.

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