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Is Elon Musk's Influence on Crypto Waning?

David Z. Morris joins “Opinionated” hosts to debate the outsized influence of Elon Musk on crypto markets.

July 28, 2022

“Elon rugged you. He said they had diamond hands, he said that they were committed for the long term. This was actually another accounting play by Tesla that benefited them, and they don't really care about bitcoin.” - David Z. Morris

Morris, chief insights columnist at CoinDesk, joins “Opinionated” hosts Ben Schiller, Danny Nelson and Anna Baydakova to discuss Tesla’s recent sale of 75% of its bitcoin holdings. Tesla first purchased bitcoin 18 months ago and arguably contributed to the bull run at that time. Now, markets have hardly reacted to Tesla’s sale. Are the paths of Musk and the crypto industry diverging?

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