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Silencing Your Inner Critic: Peloton’s Robin Arzón Introduces ‘Swagger Society’

The power of mental strength and mindfulness, Web3's potential impact on women and the exciting launch of Swagger Society, the first lifestyle membership club in Web3.

February 15, 2023

Kamz is joined by Robin Arzón, the vice president of fitness programming and head instructor at Peloton. She believes that sweat transforms lives, and her story is living proof, going from an underwhelmed corporate litigator working in New York City to an ultra-marathoner, New York Times bestselling author, driven entrepreneur and executive, successful investor, practicing vegan, OG hustler, loving wife and, ultimately, a strong mama. Robin is the two-time New York Times bestselling author of “Strong Mama” and “Shut Up and Run.”

She’s been running through the Web3 space and is launching Swagger Society, the first lifestyle membership club in Web3.

Robin shares:

💻 what the web3 space means for women

🦾 how to build mental strength through mindfulness and why it’s important for women

😌 how to hone your inner advocate and silence your inner critic

💎 what we can expect from Swagger Society, a Web3 lifestyle membership

🍼 exciting new baby news!

🧘🏽‍♀️We end with a two-minute mindfulness exercise called the 5-4-3-2-1 grounding exercise.

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This episode was produced and edited by Michele Musso with executive producer Jared Schwartz. Our theme song is ‘Twennysomething’ by Daniele Musto. Other music used is ‘Mind and Soul’ by Stefano Vita and ‘Electrolove’ by lunareh.