The Pandora Papers, Fed’s Leadership Crisis and the Future of Money

"Money Reimagined" dives into two bombshell news developments: the Pandora Papers investigation uncovering tax evasion by rich people to the tune of trillions of dollars, and reports of stock trading activity by Federal Reserve officials. Do such revelations further erode confidence in authorities and threaten global financial institutions? And if so, what comes next? Is it bitcoin? Stablecoins? Central bank digital currencies? Hosts Michael Casey and Sheila Warren sit down with Wall Street Journal reporter Michael S. Derby and crypto investor and entrepreneur Maya Zhehavi for this discussion.

Macro look at the issues (and people) that are impacting, changing, influencing the future of money and economics as we know it. This is a taped video of the “Money Reimagined” podcast that Michael Casey and Sheila Warren host weekly.