[SPONSORED] How Institutions Will Accelerate Mainstream DeFi Adoption

The exponential growth of decentralized finance (DeFi) has arguably fueled the largest digital asset bull market in history. And outside of speculation, DeFi has also brought forth major progress in the widespread creation, access, and use of financial markets. In tandem with ongoing improvements to blockchain scalability and user experience, these decentralized technologies will continue to drive the digital asset ecosystem toward mainstream adoption. However, the primary catalyst for widespread DeFi access and opportunity will be participation from institutions around the world.

During this event, Robert Leshner (CEO of Compound Labs), Tyler Spalding (CEO of Flexa), and Nathaniel Whittemore will discuss how DeFi infrastructure has already begun to transform traditional financial services and markets across global banks, merchants, and governments. Compound is the world’s largest decentralized money market, with more than $12B in assets supplied for borrowing. Flexa is the world’s largest pure-digital payments network, facilitating digital asset acceptance for Fortune 100 companies across the US and Canada with $500M of active decentralized collateral.