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The Aptos price is $9.34, a change of 2.30% over the past 24 hours as of 9:13 a.m. The recent price action in Aptos left the tokens market capitalization at $3.97B. So far this year, Aptos has a change of -1.17%. Aptos is classified as a Smart Contract Platform under CoinDesks Digital Asset Classification Standard (DACS).

Aptos is a newer-generation Layer 1 blockchain and smart contract platform launched in 2022. Aptos has a modular structure designed for scalability, high throughput, and low latency. This approach is intended to allow for additional flexibility and upgradeability, with the ultimate goal of a more robust user experience.

Aptos employs the Move programming language, which they claim allows for faster and more secure transactions, providing additional protection for smart contracts against potential bad actors.

The Aptos network is secured by a proof-of-stake consensus model, whereby network participants may stake their APT tokens into a validator, thus earning rewards for helping to process transactions, mint new blocks, and bolster the network.

DACS Sector: Smart Contract Platform

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(CoinDesk Indices)
Bitcoin and Ether Show Relative Resilience Amid Widespread Losses: CoinDesk Indices Market Update

Five cryptos lost more than 30% this week, led by steep declines in Uniswap and Aptos.

(CoinDesk Indices)
Aptos price through the week to April 11 (CoinDesk)
Aptos Falls 16% Over Past Week, Lagging Ahead of $300M Token Unlocking Event

Unlocks are scheduled releases of previously locked-up cryptos to prevent early investors and insiders from selling tokens in large numbers.

Aptos price through the week to April 11 (CoinDesk)
CoinDesk 20 leaders (CoinDesk Indices)
Aptos Soars 16%, Leading CoinDesk 20 as Broader Market Declines: CoinDesk Indices Market Update

Eighteen out of 20 cryptos in the index posted losses last week, led by Polkadot's 15% fall.

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Charts on a laptop. (Unsplash, Kanchanara)
Ondo Finance Integrates Tokenized Treasuries Onto Aptos

Aptos is the latest chain to offer users access to Ondo’s USDY.

Charts on a laptop. (Unsplash, Kanchanara)

OSL Executive Director and Head of Regulatory Affairs Gary Tiu weighs in on the state of spot bitcoin and ether ETFs in Hong Kong and how long it will take for the products to reach the final stage of approval, and be available for traders Read more...

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