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Cardano Upgrade Aims to Improve Cross-Chain Features as On-Chain DeFi Crosses $100M TVL

“This upgrade will bring new cryptographic primitives to Cardano, encouraging greater interoperability and secure cross-chain DApp development with Plutus,” IOG said Wednesday.

Feb 9, 2023
Ordinals is exploding on Bitcoin (DALL-E/CoinDesk)

Bitcoin NFTs Explode in Popularity as BitMEX Research Shows 13,000 Ordinals

Interest has skyrocketed following the first Ordinals transaction on Dec. 14.

Feb 8, 2023
Ordinals Inscriptions (

Bitcoin’s Newfound NFT Hype Attracts Interest of BSV Developer Twetch

Twetch has already built a suite of NFT apps on the Bitcoin SV blockchain. So the new push by Ordinals to bring NFTs to the Bitcoin blockchain looks like an opportunity for expansion.

Feb 8, 2023



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