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Internet Computer-Based 'Bitfinity EVM' Launches as Bitcoin L2, Supports Runes

The Bitfinity EVM is designed to allow developers to Bitcoin-based Solidity smart contracts, allowing them to transfer BTC and Runes.

May 17, 2024
The exploit on Ethereum allegedly worked by tricking ultra-fast crypto trading bots. (Shutterstock, modified by CoinDesk)
How MIT Brothers Allegedly Cheated a Noxious-But-Accepted Ethereum Practice for $25M

First came "The Bait." In an indictment, U.S. prosecutors detailed the incredibly complicated Ethereum exploit – in which attackers targeted the controversial area of "maximal...

May 16, 2024
(andreas kretschmer/Unsplash)
The Protocol: Lido Backers vs EigenLayer

In this week's issue, we've got the scoop on a new possible rival to restaking pioneer EigenLayer. PLUS Are meme coins an investable asset class? With the latest Runes data an...

May 15, 2024



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