Jul 27, 2023

The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) says it will not pursue a campaign finance charge against Sam Bankman-Fried.

Video transcript

We got two headlines with SPF. So stick with us. The first uh the Department of Justice is looking to end SPFS time in his parents' basement and put him to jail. Why? Because he might be tampering with witnesses. That's according to allegations from the Department of Justice which is seeking right now for SBF to be put in jail until his trial in October. Uh The second headline we have for you is that uh FTX will not or his hand feed rather will not be charged for campaign finance charges after the extradition from the Bahamas. If you remember he was extra from the Bahamas. Uh and there was like five original accounts and then later the Department of Justice brought up multiple others, but extradition treaties can't do that. Can't just be slapping on more uh things you're going to charge someone with. And so they are going to have to pull those back after an agreement with the Bahamas. So too fresh BF headlines this morning. The first one is pretty interesting tampering with witnesses. Some thoughts on that. He's had over 500 different calls uh with uh Michael Lewis who's writing a book on him and 100 different calls with the New York Times reporter that actually released a story relating to his former girlfriend, Caroline Ellison, which is sort of revolving around this whole, uh, recent news with the Department of Justice. Can throw this one back to you, Jen. Yeah, former girlfriend and former CEO of Alameda research. Those diary entries leaked on the New York Times. Uh, she was saying, you know, she didn't feel fit to be in the position that she was in. She also spoke about um some of the inner drama that was going on between the two companies. One of my takeaways from this is, don't write your innermost thoughts on a Google document. Very surprised to see tech savvy people writing things like this on Google documents that can be accessible by uh many. But I think this is Sam Eman Fried again trying desperately trying to control the narrative. I must say allegedly because his defense I believe is saying that he did not leak these diary entries to the New York Times. Um And I'm surprised that it's continuing on. I every time I talk about the story, I have to bring up that Sam Beman Fried is living with his parents and both of his parents are lawyers and we just see these very, very surprising actions come from him time and time again. Um He hasn't been jailed yet. So the timeline here is a quick one, I believe the DOJ has until Friday to make a formal written submission in this request to have him jailed until his trial, the defense can respond until Tuesday. And then by the end of next week, we'll have a final response. It would be an interesting turn of events to see him move from his parents' house to a prison until that October trial. Anna. What do you think? Well, uh, I was appalled when, by the story of, of the diary published. And uh yeah, regardless, regardless of uh who uses what her diaries. Uh if the allegations uh of the dog that it was sent back and three who leaked uh car uh diary to, to the press, I, if, if, if that's true, I think it's absolutely damning. Uh And um you know, um as a woman, I would uh want my uh my ex-boyfriend jailed uh for that. Uh But that's, but that's, but that's beyond the point uh here. Uh So, um so, yeah, I guess it's just the continuation of uh uh of this uh story of uh SPF being the, the, the main bad boy of crypto. Uh and, and, and if, if, if he ends up in jail before the trial, that that would be a significant development to that narrative. Yeah, it would definitely be a new development. So just to fact check down he has been in jail once, right? He in the Bahamas, he was, but he's not in person Right. So you're, you're correct. Uh, so they're awaiting news on that. The prosecutors and the judges have a few days to go through all this. The defendants are also looking at it for right now. It looks like there is some sort of, uh, tape for lack of better word over sp S's mouth. He's not able to speak to anyone. In the meantime, they're looking at possibly extending that further by placing him in prison. He has his first set of uh going to court in October and then follow up in March as well on some different allegations. Some big news there, I want to go over to the Extradition treaty. This is sort of an interesting thing. I think in terms of crypto the fact that we have borderless money, but that doesn't mean that the law is as necessarily borderless. The US was going after SPF for a lot of different things right from securities violations to wire transfer. Uh And then even the things that they just dropped were dealing with campaign finance laws, right? Where SPF and a lot of his executives gave a ton of money to different politicians and they broke campaign finance laws by not only using money that was essentially taken from customers, but also I believe by just like giving too much money to certain candidates. Those laws are, those allegations are being dropped right now by the Department of Justice. And that's because of the extradition treaty. So back when he was first extra to the, the United States or extradited to the United States, he was only charged about five different violations including like wire fraud and securities fraud and the other allegations and uh points were brought against him afterwards after he's brought back to the United States. But because his extradition treaty, they had to drop a bunch of these. I've already seen some people on Twitter talking about that saying, you know, like this isn't fair. He should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. But I think it's just fair to point out like there's extradition treaties for a reason. These things exist and no matter what you have to abide by them, this is how it works. So that is why those different points are being dropped. Jen. Yeah, I think your, your point is fair there. Uh The, the law exists for a reason and they are operating within the law. That is not to say that there are not several very damning charges that Sam Beman Fried is still facing. Um And so this, this campaign finance charge is not the only one, right? So he's still facing many, many years behind bars if um indicted.

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