Oct 23, 2023

The House hasn't had a speaker since the beginning of October, threatening any further advancement of crypto bills sitting before the legislative body.

Video transcript

Republicans unveiled nine house speaker contenders with Congressman Tom Emmer, among the list of candidates lawmakers are expected to hold a candidate forum tonight before the election process starts on Tuesday. Emer has sponsored a number of crypto related bills that we've spoken about right here on this show and is a co chair of the congressional Blockchain caucus. Lawrence. What are your thoughts here? Could we get some crypto legislation quicker if, if Emer gets the position? That's it. So, a bunch of ifs there right, first off, if Emer gets to look, we, we've had Tom Emmer here many times. He calls us by our first names now, which is great. He doesn't even, you know, I think we, we talk on first name basis. Uh, and I think that our audience feels like they know him. Uh nonetheless, he's got eight other competitors there all vying for the same position. It's chaos in the house as everyone knows. Uh I, I think right now if I were to put any bets, it'd probably be Hakeem Jeffries would be the next speaker just because of the nature of, of how things are, are looking, uh in, in the House Republican caucus. Uh, but once I, if there is that possibility that Tom Emmer becomes, uh, a speaker, there are a lot of things on the agenda that need to get covered. First. We have the war in Ukraine and the war in Israel against Hamas, which, uh, that's getting a lot of attention for, for fiscal spending that has to be generated from the House. It can't be done until there's any, uh, uh, amount of leadership that would allow it to get to the floor and you have a whole bunch of other things. This might be some time before we see any crypto legislation. So I, I wouldn't hold my breath just yet regardless of how much we say. Oh, this has to be done. There isn't as much pressure anymore frankly because that there isn't as much volume. Uh, and, and if we do get an ETF in Bitcoin, well, it seems like some of the, some of the big pressures to get something done, uh, may have just resolved itself. Now, Lawrence, that is exactly it. We'll be watching closely and Coin Desk TV will be in Washington DC tomorrow for the state of crypto and we'll be sure to ask lawmakers policymakers, uh, what their thoughts are about this very topic.

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