Aug 2, 2023

According to a Facebook statement, Kenya's Ministry of the Interior has suspended the operations of Worldcoin as the country's financial, security and data protection services investigate the project.

Video transcript

We gotta talk about this story because I don't like World Coin and yes, I'm fighting it live on the show, Queen TV. Ok. So the Kenyan government suspends world coin activity on financial security and privacy concerns. And you know what? I don't blame them for doing that. This is one time when I do think the government should step in and protect their people for the most part, I can protect myself. I can handle myself. I'm from the streets. But when we're talking about something like this that is directly infringing on your privacy, like they're literally giving you $50 for all of your biometric data, which is really scary. Like I don't know who these people are if somebody was to walk up to me and like, hey, Wendy, can I have one of your socks? I'd be like, like, heck no, you can't. I wouldn't even let somebody look into my wallet or my purse. But anyways, Kenya's suspended World Coin operations due due to concerns about public safety and the integrity of financial transactions. The country's financial security and data protection services will investigate the legit legitimacy and data protection of the project. And then the Kenya Interior Cabinet Secretary said any individual or legal entity found involved supporting aiding or abetting world coin activity will face appropriate actions. Oh, wait, the number went down. Registered users were entitled to 25 free world coin tokens worth about $2. You can't even buy, I can't even go to mcdonald's and use the value menu anymore for under $2 or $2. Come on man. No, no. The token is like the token is I read that wrong. Wait 25. No, it says no registered users were entitled to 25 free world to Well, I don't know, whatever. I don't care. It's still not enough for me. Go ahead. Fact check me out. I just looked up the price coin market cap says $2.50 per world coin. So yeah, that's a sweet, sweet $50 airdrop for it. Your re full, disclose. I did this last week in Japan. I offered up my eyeballs to Sam Altman to get a World ID and I'm glad I did it. So you guys can fud this project all you want. But I'm ready for the A I Future. My unique stuff is encoded. It's all encrypted. I think that there's a lot of craziness about this story because it is and has always been rather absurd that this is the security mechanism for preventing civil attacks on this network. I would say it's crazy. But you know what I did it. So, are you an investor now? So now do you have to disclose? I'm a world coin investor. I'm a world coin. I'm just uh I just, I'm a respecter of the, or I go up to the, or, and I just, I just have my world ID. So don't worry about me, but I, I did it, I did it, I did it, I did it. I love to tell you. I, I, you expect me to, to fud it. Um I can't believe I said fud, I never said it, but you expected that for me. I'm not actually gonna do that this time around. I actually think that world coin despite all the insane privacy, you know, issues and um things that are glazed over is a in many ways honest attempt at finding an application for crypto. And we've been asking um for, for applications for the longest time. I mean, we do KYC with Binance, we do KYC with coin base. We give our, you know, face scans to our iphones and we use those scans to, you know, log I I it's just, I do think that a lot of what world coin is trying to do is yes, 100% antithetical to the founder ethos of Bitcoin and Ethereum in a lot of these ecosystems. But that being said, I do think that it might be in a world where we're willing to give our identity to even a, you know, centralized platform. Um in a lot of ways, I think it is kind of an iterative improvement on our existing, you know, identity um apparatus. Um That being said, I do think it's fraught with a ton of issues. I think that the fact that they have this world coin leads to this really weird cynical incentive game where people not in the United States. Um and, you know, not um not in the West are, are, are encouraged to, you know, give their eyeballs for $50 even if it was $2 you know, it can buy you a lot more in some places than it can in the United States. I think that's really cynical. I also think that they haven't thought about a lot of the potential abuses, not only, not just in terms of the privacy, putting that all aside, but in terms of people buying your KYC or people pretending to be world coin um and scanning your retinas and using those for, for, you know, who knows what? I think there are a ton of things around the edges, but I don't think that Sam Altman is trying to harvest our eyeballs to make money because he's got a million of other ways to make money off of A I even though, but, but this, this type of data is worth a lot like this is not something that is spoken about or talked about, but people's data like our search history like, like the biometric data, all of this stuff, like anything, anything that you can extract from a human is worth money and there's companies that are willing to buy this for a lot of money. So I would love to see the disclosures. Sorry, sorry, go ahead. Go ahead. I just think they're encrypting it. Yeah, I mean, yeah, that's the idea. They're using proofs and they're encrypting these things on device. Like, so it's no less encrypted. I can't believe I'm defending um, anything um, in general, but I'm gonna say this and then when I see you, I'm gonna be like this is what you said anyway, hey, you gotta play, you know, devil's advocate. Um, and maybe, maybe that's what we're doing but it is encrypted theoretically. Um, you know, if we trust these proofs, why don't, why do we trust the proofs on Ethereum and these EK platforms that are taking billions of dollars worth of money? The, the, you know, computer science is no less, you know, secure theoretically in this case than in all of these other cases preach, Sam preach, brother will coin at least when I'm on let you tried to do it because, I mean, you know, it just makes for good content when you have the one guy on the show who's giving his eyeballs to Sam Altman and you have the other people on the show saying it's awful that right there. That's why you're here

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