Diana Barrero Zalles

Diana Zalles

Diana Barrero Zalles is the head of research and sustainability at the Global Blockchain Business Council, an industry association for the blockchain technology and digital assets community. She oversees the Global Standards Mapping Initiative, convening members to produce comprehensive resources and recommendations on key themes in the space, in addition to co-authoring reports on use cases of this technology and running sustainability initiatives to advance applications of blockchain and digital assets that address social and climate issues. Diana also co-authored the book “Transparency in ESG and the Circular Economy: Capturing Opportunities Through Data,” and she previously held roles in investment banking, development finance and advising regulators on blockchain and digital assets. She is an alumna of the University of Notre Dame and has an MBA from Yale.



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A Guide to TradFi Blockchain Adoption
As financial institutions look to come on-chain, total value locked, or TVL, is anticipated to be the leading indicator of where adoption will occur.
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