Q3 2021 Quarterly Review - CoinDesk Research

CoinDesk Research presents its latest quarterly report for Q3 2021 which outlines the trends driving the digital asset markets, focusing on Bitcoin, Ethereum, DeFi and more. In all, assets performed generally well, scaling projects on Bitcoin and Ethereum thrived, institutions started paying even more attention and politicians flexed their regulatory muscle.

Oct 5, 2021
An In-Depth Look Into the Lightning Network as a Bitcoin Scaling Solution

CoinDesk Research presents its latest Bitcoin report on the aspirations of the Lightning Network to scale Bitcoin.

Sep 13, 2021
A Deep Dive Into Lightning as a Bitcoin Scaling Solution

The Lightning Network is often cited as a potential solution for the Bitcoin scaling problem this report provides a summary of Lightning outlines the metrics that can give insight and dives into potential vulnerabilities which might hinder broader adoption The report culminates in providing the thoughts of multiple Lightning developers on what needs to happen [...]

Sep 13, 2021